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The Dominate Online Poker Course is the most revolutionary poker system of the year 2008. Whereas older Poker Courses used to focus on the ‘No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Game’ primarily as a card game, such as it is played in live tournaments and cash games, the Dominate Online Poker Course conversely sets itself apart by focusing on the modern aspects of the current online poker world. It’s keynote is to underline the importance of playing with futuristic, sophisticated online poker tools, unknown to most of the online poker players who still seem to approach internet poker the same way as live poker. By emphasizing the power of proper deployment of poker software students who buy and learn the Dominate Online Poker course will be henceforth prepared to fully dominate the modern online poker world by knowing what it takes to eliminate their internet poker opponents one by one by brute force and without any mercy.

Besides the main Dominate Online Poker E-Book, if you act now you’ll receive two bonus packages as well, containing a Free Newsletter Subscription, a Free Poker Bankroll Guide, 9 free poker books and 2 sit and go videos.

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